2021 Membership Rate (7 concerts)
Single Membership 46.00
Family Membership 99.00
Young Person (25 and under) 10.00
        Non-member (visitor) tickets per concert
Single 14.00
Family 32.00
Young Person (25 and under)   3.00
Programmes will not be available for the early part of this season

Membership Rate includes admission to all concerts for the season. Membership has been frozen at 2019 prices, but we anticipate that the club may run at a deficit for this season, extra donations would be welcome.

Existing members will be contacted during August. If you would like to join as a new member, please print this Membership Form and post with your cheque payment to the treasurer.
Please enquire about any special offer membership rate which may be available during the latter half of the season.

Visitor's tickets can normally be paid for in advance on line - see each separate concert page.
If you attend a concert as a visitor and whilst there, decide you would like to join the club, the visitor ticket price can be used as a credit toward the membership rate.

Payments for membership may be made by cheque or cash. Visitors tickets may normally be paid for online by card, through the link to the TicketSource website. Please bring cash to pay for tickets at the door and to pay for refreshments/programme.

COVID-19: Note that due to Covid-19 uncertainty, visitor ticket online sales are suspended for the moment, please get in touch to enquire about availability of visitor's tickets. It is possible that concert times may vary, with two successive concerts staged if number have to be limited.